Monday, April 24, 2017


WinHost Review

If you are looking for the web hosting services that are budget friendly, then WinHost is one of the few likely and reliable web hosting companies. The company has been providing services for more than a thousand of websites, since 2000. It also keeps acquiring new customers at approximately 500 customers per month.
You can check out below, the few specs of this reliable hosting company, as that would be helpful if you are in search of web hosting services.

Up-time is the term that determines the reliability of any web hosting service. With WinHost, users can rely on an uptime of 99.9% promised by the service provider. Monitoring from the centralized center 24 hours a day ensures that this promise is met. In the case of any issues that can increase the downtime, then automatically all servers and systems are alerted. Internet Information Server application is quarantined for each hosting account and, ensuring all the sites are run in different processes. So, in case any neighbor of the shared service faces downtime issues, not all users need to undergo that.

Loading Time
Anything to do with an online site for a business, depends significantly on the loading time of the web-page. Fast speed of the loading page means that the chances of the traffic getting converted to sales are higher, compared to the web page that takes a long time to get loaded. WinHost ensures this by hosting services on different servers. This means the performance of the website is not affected by any of the servers. Even with the Basic plan from Win Host, 317 ms is the loading time of the webpage.

Cost Factor

The pricing starts at a very affordable range and users can get services for as little as $4.95 per month. WinHost coupon codes and win hosts discounts are also available when the customers choose the annual packages. Which means the price goes down to even less than $4 per month. However, this Basic plan cannot pacify the needs for complex sites. For these more complex sites, WinHost offers the Max plan and the Ultimate plan, which come at rates of $7.95 and $15.95 per month, respectively.

When there are great features and specs offered, interested potential clients would eventually like to know more about the quality of support and technical assistance provided. WinHost’s support team can be reached via email round the clock. Their Support Portal for support tickets and emails is super responsive and fast. Their solutions offered for all technical problems, are professional and can resolve the issues in a short span of time.

Customer Satisfaction 

The customer feedbacks you'll find for WinHost ASP.NET and the users winhost reviews, prove that the service provider offers the promised features and services, for a really low cost.

What are the Shortcomings?
It can be great to know that a reliable service provider offers decent service for a small cost, but it has to be taken into note that for the low cost, there are certain compromises. First, there is no phone/telephonic support offered by WinHost. This is why the cost is low for there are no people paid to answer calls or to resolve queries. The Basic plan is really for basic needs, and for advanced needs, other plans are to be chosen.
Bottom Line
Given these points, WinHost is a reliable hosting provider for the cost and services provided. It's an established company, which can not be underestimated just for lack of customer support over the phone. Also, there is a 30 days money back guarantee, making the service even more alluring.